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Apr 30th, 2010 by Uday Ananth

LG OPtimus

LG Electronics, a global player in the mobile market announced their first Android powered smartphone. Titled the Optimus or GT540, LG seems to push the levels of user experience with the phone.

The Optimus, loaded with a rather heavily optimized Android OS 1.6 instead of the latest 2.1, comes with a 3 inch touchscreen, 3MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, an FM radio and with an internal memory of 2/4 GB. The memory can be further upgraded to 32 GB with the Micro SD slot.

Dr.Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company states that “The LG Optimus is the ideal choice for early smartphone users who expect all the features of smartphones without the complexity”.

True enough, LG  includes a host of multimedia features in their phone along with social networking tools for easy access to Twitter and Facebook. LG has also included several Google services in the phone. LG seems to have gotten the message right by trying to make the entire interface simple and straight forward rather than cluttering it with unwanted distractions and requiring the user to take a course on how to use it.

Expected this weekend, LG has no statements on its price.

845.. Oh! Its just the JOY!
Apr 30th, 2010 by Uday Ananth

Vodafone logo vodafone_845_side_perspective_small

Vodafone finally put rumours to rest by officially announcing the release of their first own-brand handset incorporating the Google Android platform. The mobile christened the Vodafone 845 will be manufactured by Huawei – the largest telecommunications provider in China.

The interesting part is that the Vodafone 845 might be offered by other service providers as the Huawei Joy in what you can call a different wardrobe. And, for all those who love a petite phone, this Android is expected to be the smallest smartphone on the market come this May.

The 845 features a 2.8 inch QVGA touch-screen, an optical trackpad, a 3.2 MP camera and supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE (900/1800/1900 MHz), UMTS/HSDPA (900/1200 MHz), Wi-Fi (b/g) and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. And all this in a form factor that is only 100 x 55 x 13 mm. The phone is also rumoured to come bundled with Vodafone 360 services, GMail and Google Maps.

As stated earlier, the phone is expected in May this year with a contract free price tag of 130 to 150 pounds, something we can consider, a steal!

Call recording service from Vodafone available
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone logo

Vodafone has come up with a service to record all the phone conversations for corporations who wish to know the details about the calls made by employees, unless you are on an iPhone.

Financial companies are required to maintain recordings of all the relevant calls for up to six months by law and the latest move from Vodafone seems to target that segment of the market. The recording of the mobile phone calls was not being done so far due to the lack of necessary technology; however all that is set to change.

The Vodafone Mobile Recording service re-routes all the calls via its infrastructure so as to record them along with fixed line calls. For this to work, a bespoke application and only Blackberry and Symbian mobile phones are currently supported.

Though Vodafone is working on a version for the Apple iPhone, you can stay safe from this as Apple does not allow call interception on their products as on date.

The industry will have to dole out £11 initially but it should be in their well-being to avoid such corporate espionage, though all this sounds a little too far-fetched or antique.

Blackberry bold 9700, a quick look
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

blackberry bold 9700

Blackberry has got a history of impressive gadgets that it cvan boast of and here comes another stunning creation from its stable, the Blackberry bold 9700. Powered by easy-to-use features and dashing designs, it is impressive.

A wonderful 3.2 megapixel camera helps you capture beautiful pictures as well as video clippings. Auto-focus and LED flash help you with crisp photos even during night time.

The 256 MB internal memory can be used for saving images, songs or videos and it can be bolstered by up to 16 GB using the memory card slot. The 2.44 inch TFT screen with 65,000 colours brings life to anything being viewed. And the typical QWERTY keyboard which is typical from Blackberry helps you type messages and mails with ease.

Available in black colour, the handset comes powered with a standard Li-ion battery with 6 hours of talk-time and a whopping 408 hours standby time. Blackberry maps, Organizer, MP3 ring tones, Document editor etc are all available. It is worth the money that it costs and can be a good pick.

Prices start from £28 a month on obil.co.uk

Motorola Milestone available on PayG in UK
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

motorola milestone

High-end Android is the buzzword these days and Motorola does not want to be left behind in the race only to catch up with competition later. The fact that Motorola is launching umpteen numbers of handsets over the last few months does not seem to have any adverse effect on its support to the older devices.

The most advanced mobile phone from Motorola’s stable so far, the Milestone is now available on PAYG prices in the UK.

It was on Orange that the Motorola Milestone got launched in January 2010. The handset was then offered SIM-free by O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Now that it is available as Pay as You Go mobile Phone, it is just Virgin Mobile and 3 who are left out.

Android 2.1 has got nice features like interactive wallpapers. For those who own Motorola Milestone in Europe, the upgrade to Android 2.1 is on its way within few days.

Motorola offers 22,000 new Android based applications in domains like news, weather, games, music and satellite navigation.

Nokia X6 mobile phone to be won
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


Inside Nokia Music along with Pocket-lint gets you a chance to win a brand-new dapper Nokia X6.

Nokia X6 is powerhouse of power packed features as expected from Nokia. The handset comes with 3.2 inches wide touch screen and considerably large amount of storage capacity. It has all preferred pack of features needed for a mobile phone.

Radio with FM capability, Bluetooth, GPS receiver, Nokia maps and accelerator sensor are some of those packed features, which made Nokia X6 to be most awaited release for this year.

Nokia X6 has got enviable features including a 5 Megapixel camera, built-in Twitter and Facebook applications and the ability for users to access music on the move by downloading 3 Mobile’s Spotify application and thus is no short of an all-round multimedia device.

Thanks to the 3.2 inch touch screen display, the X6 caters very well to the net-savvy users who use mobile internet browsing and makes website browsing crisp and intriguing and easier to navigate.

And what do you need to do? Simply go to http://www.pocket-lint.com/competition/comp.phtml/76 and pray for luck. The competition is open for 4 weeks with 21st May 2010 as the last date.

Celebrity ‘musical journey’ from Sony Ericsson, 3 and Spotify
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Sony Ericsson Logo 3 Mobile Spotify

People who pick the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Vivaz get two months free subscription to Spotify and the manufacturer has launched a unique project to show-off this offer by tying up with 3 and Spotify.

The Stereophonics, Mumford & Sons, The Courteeners, Ellie Goulding and Keane are some of the important artists who have been put together for this campaign by Sony Ericsson. Playlists from these artists would be put together for Spotify based on their recent travels.

Some very important artists have been put together for this campaign, ranging from The Stereophonics, Keane and Ellie Goulding to The Courteeners and.

The playlists have been created inspired by their travels – for example the Stereophonics created a playlist with inspiration drawn from travels in their tour bus to Glasgow from NewCastle.

Nigella launches a cooking app for iPhone
Apr 24th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

nigella lawson iPhone

Nigella Lawson has made strides into the already crowded iPhone app space by offering a cooking app for the iPhone. There are around 3 million iPhone users in the UK and more than 50 million worldwide and that means there is a huge set of people than those who watch her on BBC2.

Scrabble lovers, trainspotters, and bird-lovers all have innumerable apps to fulfill their needs and now we have Nigella.

Cooking apps have made a mark over the last few months on the Apple iTunes, the store which sells all such apps for the iPhone. There are a whopping 1, 85,000 apps on the store and five out of the top 15 popular paid-for lifestyle applications are from Cooking with Nigella’s app already ranked the second from top within a week after the launch.

The apps can help you zoom through the recipes on your way back home and decide the recipe for the evening. Once selected, the shopping list is also made ready by the app so that you don’t miss anything from the store. And then there is a reverse function which provides the recipes depending on what is available in the refrigerator.

So, gear up for some cookery tips and recipes from your iPhone.

iPhone code tools taken off by Adobe
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Adobe

Adobe will not make software tools which would allow the Apple iPhone to use Adobe’s Flash technology on Apple’s devices though it earlier promised support to Flash on gadgets.

Adobe Flash is widely used on the internet for animations, and multimedia. However Apple does not support Flash and has been critical of the technology in public.

Adobe released software called Creative Suite 5 which translated flash code into programs which can run on iPhone, in mid-April and shortly before that, Apple came up with a new set of terms and conditions that iPhone and iPad app makers need to adhere to.

Application developers across the board criticized Apple’s move and the new rules simply ban all such apps which use code translators like the Creative Suite 5 from Adobe.

Apple stated on CNet that the Adobe Flash technology was closed and proprietary and went on to say that it would prefer to support more open standards technology which can do all that Flash does.

Adobe will now be concentrating on Google’s Android OS to make sure that Flash technology works on it, as per official reports.

Samsung Wave preorders start
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Mobile Logo Samsung S8500

T-Mobile has bagged the Samsung Wave to become the first mobile phone service provider in the UK. The Samsung S8500 with Bada-power was announced at the Mobile World Congress, earlier this year. Vodafone and Orange would also get to market the device soon.

The handset breaks the shell by keeping away from the Android and the Windows Mobile platforms and relying rather on Samsung’s own OS, Bada. Samsung S8500 Wave is first DivX certified Smartphone, which is going to hit the UK market.

Though unsure about when it will hit market shelves in the UK, this Samsung S8500 Wave will be the first of its kind to get DivX certification for a Smartphone. This phone is based on source Bada operating system, which assures adaptability in terms of a wide range of applications being developed. Another feather in its cap is its HD touch screen with new super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display, which gives high visual quality, unmatched tone, and color depth.

Apart from the quality screen, Samsung S8500 Wave is also considered to be the fastest of its league with 1 GHz processor. It not only displays quality images, but also allows capturing quality images through its 5 megapixel camera with a high quality video recording capability and also HD video playback.

This phone comes with DivX quality video playback to offer it users a high definition video watching experience.

Expansys has already made the handset available for preorder, SimFree for £375 along with a 2GB memory card with 26th April as the date for delivery. Play.com offers it for £340.

The Wave is bound to give a run for their money for Smartphones like the HTC Desire; however people looking for specific applications might be disappointed because the phone is based on Samsung’s Bada OS.

iPhone app from Apposing for Liverpool Binennial
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apposing Liverpool biennial

Apposing, the local technology specialist is fresh from its success in launching its application for the Echo Arena Liverpool and is now gearing up to bring a new iPhone application which will coincide with the Liverpool Biennial.

The Liverpool Biennial is a 10-week arts festival and Apposing is creating navigation software to help users find their way out to cultural places and venues using GPS and interactive maps. The software would also handle information about venues, artist profiles, videos, and images.

For people who don’t have access to Apple gadgets, there would be iPod Touch devices on hire along with the software already downloaded for use.

Liverpool officials claim that the Biennial is always on the prowl to changes the rules of the game by introducing innovative things and that the use of iPod Touch and iPhone would surely make the visitors happy.

The festival is from 18th September and the free app will be available for download six weeks before that from Apple Store.

T-Mobile, the best mobile broadband operator on the move
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Broadband Genie T-Mobile

Broadband Genie, the mobile comparison website published the results from its latest annual “on the move” tour which puts in perspective the performance of six largest mobile operators in the UK.

The experiment was carried out by the the BG team on a 350-miles journey from Cambridge to Bournemouth by train. The variety of tests conducted include podcast downloads, streaming video and audio.

BG commended all the operators for such a nice trip without too many hiccups. However, none could match Vodafone’s last year record to get through all the tests.

T-Mobile stood out by pushing out a 13MB podcast in just 22 seconds at a stunning 4.8 Mbps. Vodafone and 3 UK managed to put some good numbers though they could not match up T-Mobile. And then, the other three operators – Virgin Media, Orange and O2 fared not so well with slower downloads.

There is always a caveat to measuring internet speeds on a mobile broadband service as there are multiple variables which can affect the test, viz., the speed of the train, number of concurrent users, time of the day, and tunnels.

T-Mobile is clearly the winner, this year while it was Virgin which made it to the top last year despite it being a virtual network operator.

Vodafone UK to launch Google Nexus One this month
Apr 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone logo Google Nexus

The much talked about debut Smartphone from Google, Nexus One has long been on the list of yet-to-be-launched phones for Vodafone. However, it can land up in your hands before the end of this month.

The Google Nexus One device will be made available directly by Google on a 24-month contract from Vodafone by the end of this month.

The timing though does not sound great. The N1 hit the US markets before the rather impressive HTC Desire and it is the reversal of releases, here in the UK.

Google declared Vodafone as its UK partner from the beginning when the Nexus One made it to the UK, but was only trying to narrow the timeframe down to sometime during the spring.

Google had tasted very limited success in the US with the Nexus One as it sold just 20,000 units in its first week after the launch despite reasons like less exposure to the press and minimal marketing expenditure.

The big question is why anybody would vie for the N1 when there is a very similar and better Smartphone around in the market in HTC Desire.

New Google satnav service to embrace HTC Android phones
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Google Maps Navigation

Google’s new satnav software, called as Google Maps Navigation can now be downloaded by people in the UK who use Android based handsets like HTC Desire.

Google Maps Navigation, the programme was launched in the US, last autumn and is now being made available to the UK. Any mobile handset which is running on Android 1.6 and above is compatible to run this program.

However, users with the HTC Hero, which runs on Android 1.5 will be left out until June 2010 before which HTC is not likely to release any update for that handset.

Google officials denied commenting on any timeframe about the availability of the software on the Apple iPhone.

As per reports from comScore, there was a jump of 86 per cent in the number of users who use mobile for mapping services in the UK from February 2009 to February 2010.

Lightning, Thunder, Smoke and Flash
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Uday Ananth


PC Maker Dell has announced beautiful pieces of perhaps some of the BEST designed mobiles from their pockets. These crafted pieces of glass would even put a smile on Steve Job’s face.

Dell had previously announced phones such as the ‘Mini 3i’ recently but the newly announced phones (rounded out after a leak) provide the best feedback for Microsoft since it incorporates the Windows 7 Phone OS. The ‘Lightning’ model features a 4.1 inch OLED screen, a 4G upgrade by 2011 and a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor to keep the phone running fast and smooth. The Lightning does for Microsoft what Steve Ballmer failed to do. It brings about a whole new outlook to the OS and  quite clearly evokes some response to relook the Windows 7 Phone OS.

Dell however, to buffer their gamble on Microsoft, have also pushed Android into other models. The ‘Thunder’ has almost the same specs as the ‘Lightning’ but feature the Android OS v2.1. Dell promises that it will run Flash 10.1 and provide Hulu support for the US models.

Dell also plans to release 2 mainstream models ‘Smoke’ and ‘Flash’ which lack several key features but have a sleek classy look. They’ve also renamed their ‘Mini 5′ model as the ‘Streak 5′. Their best release announced is the ‘Looking Glass’. The big brother to the streak featuring the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor running the Android 2.1 and a neat glossy seven inch screen. It also features an optional TV tuner module for DVB-T transmissions.

Anyway, come what may, Dell seems to have announced their entry into the Phone market with what we presume are some of the best designed smart phones in the current market. Whether their gamble pays off, we will have to wait and watch.

Is HTC Desire in line after fixes to HTC Legend?
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Logo HTC Legend

HTC rolled out a small update to all European Legend handsets and thus managed to avert a potentially extensive damage to its reputation.

There have been complaints from numerous Legend users over the web that they were unable to access certain apps with Android phones, more so with HTC Legend as well as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Engadget reports that HTC has fixed the problem at least with the Legend and that it was incompatibility of the camera. MySpace and Barcode Scanner were missing for many users and that left them in the lurch about what was happening.

The issue could pretty much be with the makers and not with the Google as is apparent from this HTC admission. And if you happen to be a Legend customer, you need to relax and wait for the HTC updates to arrive on your phone while making sure that your phone is in a Wi-Fi area.

Hero Android update timeframe from HTC in June
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Logo

2009 saw the HTC Hero as one of the very popular Smartphones running on the Google’s Android operating system. Good news to cheer up the users of the HTC Hero is not around the corner, now that the much anticipated Android 2.1 update is expected not before June.

The update which was originally to arrive in February was put on hold for a month till March; however HTC’s statement this week was that the Android 2.1 update aka Éclair would be provided free to all European Heros.

Meanwhile the news that the HTC Legend is also gearing up to launch with Android 2.1 operating system should excite a lot many gadget freaks out there. However, the price-conscious consumer could tilt towards the HTC Hero despite it being an older model because it is to get the same OS albeit at a much lower price.

If you want to read more about what HTC Hero is all about, read on.

The HTC Hero mobile phone is sleek and classy with plenty of personality it really is a phone you will want to show off.  See your phone come to life on the stunning 3.2 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen display with fantastic resolution.  Enjoy tools such as handwriting recognition and a built-in accelerometer for customisable display options and a handy trackball for quicker access to features.

Multimedia and connectivity are top of the list for the HTC Hero all tailored to make your life easier and keep you in touch on the move.  The 5.0-megapixel camera and Windows Media Player combined with 4GB of internal memory are a fantastic combination designed to cater for all your multimedia and entertainment needs.  High speed connectivity comes in the form of Wi-Fi HSDPA internet and GPS.  This new mobile phone from HTC is here to save the day – The HTC Hero!

Enjoy super sharp visuals with the 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch screen display Point and click with the 5.0-megapixel camera with auto-focus Play and manage all your video and music files with Windows Media player Storage available right from the box with 4GB internal memory Easy access to all your favourite websites with Wi-Fi Consult your phone for directions with the GPS function

Welcome, HTC HD Mini, small just in looks
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Logo HTC HD2 Mini

Taiwanese handset major, HTC is fast making an impressive and indelible mark when it comes to getting quality Smartphones into the market.

For those who remember, last year HTC delivered one of the best-in-looks, easy to use mobile phones till date. The HD2 was the best handset packed with the not-so-good Windows Mobile OS from Microsoft and it was HTC Sense functionality which worked wonders over the Windows Mobile OS.

However, there were a cross-section of people who felt that the HD2 was too big to hold or carry in a pocket, thanks to its 4.3-inch screen which was good to view a lot of things on the handset. So, here we talk about the smaller and the more sleek HTC HD Mini, which comes with a 3.2 inch screen, gliding perfectly into any hand or pocket.

The Mini is as stylish and dapper as the HD2. The HTC Sense UI is the pick of the features, yet again. There is an array of shortcuts at the bottom on the screen to take you to the internet, stocks information, and email.

The Mini has the option to include the Wi-Fi router program thus turning itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot which can be used to connect your computer to internet from anywhere provided there is phone signal.

However the catch is that the Mini cannot be upgraded to the glossy Windows Phone 7 series just the way HTC HD2 can be.

Network Rehaul by 3 UK & T-Mobile to cost £400 million
Apr 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

T-Mobile Logo 3 Mobile

3 UK, the Hutchinson Whampoa enterprise and T-Mobile owned by Deutsche Telekom confirmed the choice of NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) as the prime contractor for improvement of infrastructure at MBNL (Mobile Broadband Network Limited), their joint venture.

The contract valued at £400 million will help both the companies in significant enhancement of their coverage up to 98% while it will also help them provide a better 3G experience to the customers by 2010 end.

It was in 2007, that MBNL got its wings so as to provide a boost to the efficiency of the two smallest independent cellular network players by sharing capital and operating costs. The expectation from the companies is that around 5500 3G sites would be consolidated and 3000 others would be taken off by the end of this year.

Together they have 12500 sites and once the consolidation is over, they look forward to save tens of millions of pounds.

MBNL which can become the largest HSPDA network in Europe has even reaffirmed that the ongoing merger between T-Mobile and Orange would not have any impact on it. But analysts believe that it would be tough time ahead for MBNL given the fact that Orange and T-Mobile are going to be one soon.

Will the second generation iPad get an OLED panel?
Apr 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen OLED

Apple, the bright coloured gadget manufacturer is planning to plug in an OLED display in its second generation iPad, if unconfirmed reports are to be believed. As per Digitimes’ interactions with the component manufacturers, the iPad would use the same design concept as the 4G iPhone. DigiTimes is a Taiwanese web site.

This sounds odd given the high cost involved in using OLED panels. However, Apple might expect the cost of the OLED panels to go down from their current prices, thanks to a healthy competition between OLED panel makers and the increasing capacity from the makers of OLED panels.

Samsung is the uncrowned leader for OLED panels and LG has just joined the band through its acquisition of Kodak’s OLED division, previous year. AU Optronics on the other hand is expected to restart the production of OLED panels in 2011. The Taiwanese website expects this additional capacity in OLED panel production to lead to lower cost of the panels.

But there are insiders in Digitimes who have doubts over the claim about the OLED panels’ prices going down. Just to get an idea about the pricing disparity, a 9.7-inch OLED panel costs around $500 where as the LCD counterpart costs just $60 to $70.

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