Successor to Motorola’s Motorola Milestone
Oct 26th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

motorola milestone

Motorola has announced successor to its most successful Motorola’s Droid, most popularly known as Motorola Milestone.

Successor is named after sequel to the current one as Motorola Milestone 2, which will be launched in UK by Q4 of 2010 or to be more precise 17th of November.

Motorola Milestone 2 is an organic evolution of existing Milestone rather a revolutionary sequel. Basically, this is result out of elimination of certain fundamental design flaws in the first version, that’s been plaguing it. First of these flaws is beleaguered keyboard, which has been modified to be a pretty easy one to type. It also provides some additional space created by the removal of the directional pad.

Milestone 2 is faster than its predecessor and is equipped with 1 Ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor, which enables to run applications much faster and has memory which can be extended 8 GB. Milestone comes with preloaded Android 2.2, which is also known as Froyo.

Need to wait and watch if the successor will be able to can do better than its predecessor.

Symbian OS fighting for its survival
Oct 26th, 2010 by Andy Miles

Symbian is one of the oldest open source Smartphone Operating Systems, almost it is a decade old in market. Across the world  more than 300 million handsets must have been manufactured on this OS.

With the advent of latest Operating Systems like Android, Symbian started losing its charm.

But still it is out shipping number of handsets when compared to its new competitors, it definitely started losing its charm.

Symbian lacks advanced features of current Operating Systems and its touch sensitiveness is also treated to be not so impressive. Like an old toy on the shelf, most of its ineffective capabilities are being surfaced in recent times.  It is very slow and is equipped with not friendly user interface to develop apps over it.

All major handset manufacturers like Samsung and Sony Ericsson has already declared their decision not to manufacture any handset based on this old horse. This leaves behind, Nokia the only major handset manufacturer along with small players like ZTE and Sharp, who are not able to make any mark in Smartphones market.

Some of the market analyst says that though definitely there is a drastic reduction in its adoption worldwide, it is very far from end of Symbian.

TV On-Demand on Nokia N8
Oct 25th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia N8

Now users of Nokia N8 can watch TV on demand, an application developed by Virgin Media for Symbian 3 based Nokia N8.

The service is called “TV on the GO”. Users can download this application over Nokia Ovi stores. This will provide Virgin Media with an opportunity to make an entry into TV on-demand market over mobile phones and for Nokia it provides opportunity to make an edge in cut throat competing Smart Phone Market. Currently through this application supports content from MTV for music lovers, Nickelodeon for children, 4oD and Comedy Central.

Though Nokia N8 also supports BBC’s iPlayer application and YouTube application, it is betting more on Virgin Media application as this will increase the scope of push of the mobile Smartphone, as TV on Go is more promising feature. More and more number of people in fast moving world would love to catch their favorite show over the move.

Nokia betting on QT platform
Oct 25th, 2010 by Andy Miles

Nokia_MediumNokia as another step in its continued efforts in augmenting its support for its users and developers, company announced that it is betting high on QT platform as a platform to seamlessly integrate its development environments across device platforms. Which means it is trying to push QT as sole application development platform to bring in compatibility platform across applications.

This means for end users more number of applications compatible over their Nokia Smartphones not bothering much about other supporting software related components. For developers it means wider customer base.

Now this will ensure developers that their applications developed on QT applications can be deployed on Nokia handsets based on Symbian and Meego platforms. Nokia is also planning to extend its support to QT platform by developing its own applications and a user interface based on QT platform.  This entire blueprint is going to be on HTML5 standard.

Now this will ensure the users purchasing Nokia mobile phones that their handsets will be compatible to adapt any kind of upgrades in software done in the later part of time. This will increase confidence of customers in Nokia and ensuring developers of applications for Nokia a wider customer base.

Tesco accepts pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy Tab
Oct 23rd, 2010 by Andy Miles

Tesco Mobile Galaxy 7

Tesco, the supermarket chain started to accept pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Tab to match the £529 price of the Apple iPad which the CarphoneWarehouse announced earlier in the week.

The retail major seems to have had intentions of pricing the tablet PC at £599 and might have lowered the price to £529 so that it could match competition in the segment. The reason behind this is that when we hover on the price banner on Tesco’s website, the alt text reads “Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Tab for £599”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is feared to have overpriced itself from the market leader, Apple iPad as its tablet with 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G at £529 is priced £100 more than the Wi-Fi only tablet from Apple with same storage. Tesco is accepting pre-orders for the SIM-Free Samsung Galaxy Tab at the moment while there is no communication about any future subsidised deals on contract.

The 7-inch Android 2.2 powered Tablet with a 1 GHz processor, touted as Samsung’s reply to Apple iPad weighs 380g and thus turns out to be easy on the pocket. Thanks to the dual cameras that it sports, the Galaxy Tab can handle video calls and it can be helpful for a lot of business use with it browser an email credentials.

Samsung Galaxy Tab slated for early November by Orange
Oct 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Orange_Large Galaxy 7

Orange confirmed to TechRadar that Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available from early November. There was widespread anticipation that the service provider would offer the Tablet PC from Samsung when it gets launched on November 1st and Orange has confirmed the same.

Orange noted that the details about the availability and price of the Galaxy Tab will be made available as and when the date gets nearer. The 7-inch Android powered Tablet has been touted as Samsung’s reply to Apple iPad.

The tablet was expected to arrive in October earlier though Amazon believed that the tablet should be out on November 1st 2010 and it has got it bang on. If Amazon is going to hit the bull’s eye with the price as well, the tablet should burn a hole of £599 though there is a dilemma about that.

O2, Vodafone and CarPhone Warehouse are the other stockists that would offer the tablet and it would be interesting to see the pricing at which they would offer it. Powered by Android 2.2, the Galaxy Tab weighs 380g and thus turns out to be easy on the pocket.

HD Voice with Samsung Omnia 7 from Orange
Oct 21st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda


HD Voice technology will be available to customers who opt to purchase the Windows Phone 7 powered Samsung Omnia 7 Smartphone on its network, announced Orange.

SlashGear, a website related to technology news made this announcement from Orange public and it means that users on Orange will be able to experience high-quality voice for both incoming and outgoing calls.

HD Voice was so far limited to some high-end Nokia handsets and Samsung Omnia Pro. The calls between HD Voice compatible handsets will have lower background noise, crackle and hiss.

Orange has been the pioneer in developing the technology and has ever since been trying to convince other service providers to adopt the same as an industry standard.

UK to get Samsung S8530 Wave II this December
Oct 21st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Wave 2 Bada

Samsung S8530 Wave II seems all set for a Christmas release as per a message posted on Samsung UK’s official Twitter id. The exact date was undisclosed but it mentioned the availability of the handset in December.

At the start of the month, Samsung S8530 Wave II was announced as the heir to the original Wave Smartphone though the S8500 Wave handset has been a hit in the Smartphone market. Germany should be one of the first European markets to get the Wave II for around 430 EUR without any subsidy.

SamsungS8530 Wave II comes with a bigger screen compared to the original one with 3.7-inch clear LCD capacitive Touchscreen with 480 x 800 resolution and 16M colours. The handset has a scratch-resistant oleophobic surface, multi-touch input mechanism, proximity sensor, accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotation, Hand-writing recognition, Smart Unlocking, and TouchWiz UI 3.0.

Powered by an ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, Wave II has the latest Bada 1.2 operating system. Other key features a 3.5 mm audio jack, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, HSUPA 2 Mbps, BlueTooth 3.0 with A2DP, GPS and A-GPS support. The handset has 390 MB in-built memory and allows expansion of memory up to 32GB using microSD cards.

A 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash, autofocus, image stabilization, face, smile and blink detection and touch focus is like icing on the cake. Video recording is possible at 720p@30fps. Let’s wait and watch the magic that the Wave II can stir up in the Smartphone market.

HTC Locations powered by TomTom
Oct 20th, 2010 by Andy Miles

TomTom HTC Logo

HTC is teaming up with TomTom so that it could offer maps and directions to all its handset users in a more accurate and faster way. HTC is gearing up to get the maps and directions service in-built on its handsets.

Christened as HTC Locations, the Taiwanese mobile major’s Navigation and Maps service will be pre-loaded with rich maps from TomTom. HTC Desire and HTC Desire Z are the first two Smartphones being targeted for the new service in Asian and European markets.

TomTom has a niche in providing rich and accurate maps and with the maps pre-loaded on handsets, users will be able to have instant access to the maps. HTC Smartphone users will get to experience TomTom’s navigation in their pockets.

Despite the fact that the TomTom maps and locations will be bundled for free with the mobile phones, people who need more specific directions will have to buy the maps and download the same through HTC Sync or HTC Locations. TomTom Maps and HTC Locations will have to compete with the free Google Maps service which has made a mark on many Android handsets and other phones.

TomTom has not been doing so well after the onset of mobile phone based maps and directions services as GPS market became very competitive. They want to make a leeway out of the same and HTC Locations might be one of the answers.

Nokia Beta Labs kicks off Ovi Calendar 2.0
Oct 20th, 2010 by Andy Miles

Nokia_Medium NOKIA OVI

Nokia has turned lights on to Ovi Calendar service and the result id the Ovi Calendar 2.0 beta which is being tried its Beta Labs. Let’s have a closer look at Ovi Calendar 2.0 beta to see what’s new and interesting.

The Ovi Calendar service is a good one to keep track of events and it can help you sync the same between your PC and phone. An array of changes is bundled with Ovi Calendar 2.0, the latest version being tested by Nokia Beta Labs.

Ovi Calendar 2.0 lets you share events and invite people from your address book straight away. Event reminders can be set using the service apart from accepting requests from others who use Ovi. You can also check the attendance status, thanks to an event dashboard.

You can subscribe to any of your favourite public calendars like sports or business holidays and get everything in a common location using Ovi Calendar 2.0. More about the service can be known in a couple of weeks as reviews and comments pour in.

Samsung Omnia 7 pre-orders on T-Mobile UK
Oct 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

T-Mobile Logo Samsung Mobile Logo

T-Mobile has started accepting pre-orders for Samsung Omnia 7 in the UK. Samsung Omnia 7 was showcased at the Windows Phone 7 launch event and if you were waiting to grab one, T-Mobile website is the place to go. Though the shipping time is expected to be around 10 days, T-Mobile is preparing to ship the phone in coming few days.

T-Mobile has a 2-year £35 per month contract for the WP7 handset where-in you get the handset for free. You get to have 500 texts and unlimited internet usage apart from 900 minutes of talk time.

There are contracts as low as £10 per month wherein you manage to get just 100 minutes, 100 texts and limited internet. On top of that, you need to pay £300 to own the handset. So, make your choice right.

We just gave you two extreme options available for the Samsung Omnia 7 on T-Mobile and we recommend you to visit the T-Mobile website for suitable deals which fall in between.

Unlocked Nokia C7 from Play.com
Oct 19th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia C7 Play

Play.com is offering the unlocked Nokia C7 at a good bargain of £319.99. The recommended price is £359.99 as per Play.com for the Symbian^3 handset and it promises early November as the release date.

Though Play.com is accepting orders for the SIM-Free handset, the online retailer claimed them to be pre-orders and nothing more. The handset is due for release on 9th November 2010 as per Play.com.

The Nokia C7 might not be able to match up its peers like Apple iPhone4 or the Samsung Galaxy S that have been launched during the recent past; however the C7 can still prove to be a popular handset. The C7 has a TouchScreen, a decent 8GB memory, an 8MP camera, and links to Social networking sites. It also has an accelerometer sensor, multi-touch controls with pinch and flick and then access to Nokia’s illustrious app store – the Ovi store.

Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2
Oct 18th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy Froyo

Samsung Galaxy S, the path-breaking device for Samsung gets Froyo at last. Galaxy S is the best selling Android based Smartphone from Samsung. Five million users will now get the latest Android OS after Samsung launched the handset with Android 2.1 after its launch. The update is being pushed via its Kies software upgrade program.

The most important feature from the update is Adobe Flash player which has got a million downloads to its credit in the Android space. Samsung also noted turn by turn navigation and other improvements to Google Maps apart from Search related updates.

Samsung Galaxy is similar to iPhone 3G in looks in the European market and that is one of the primary reasons apart from Android platform for the success the handset achieved so far in the Smartphone segment. It took a little longer for Samsung to get Froyo on its flagship handset and this is apparently due to hardware optimisation by Samsung to unleash the true potential of the software.

Samsung Galaxy S users all around would now move away from the thought that the company took the money and simply forgot them to be upgraded to Android 2.2. Nordic region is the first region to get the updates and others would follow, Samsung noted.

UK gets Nokia N8, finally
Oct 16th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia_Medium Nokia N8

The flagship SmartPhone from Nokia, N8 has finally hit the shelves in the UK worthy of a long wait. N8 is the first N-series Smartphone from Nokia based on Symbian ^3 operating system.

Nokia N8 is up for grabs SIM-Free at £429 on Nokia online store, a week before its October 22 release. Mobile service providers have put the deals for the Smartphone on their own websites too.

To brief out about Nokia N8, it is bundled with a 3.5 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, a 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, HD recording, a mini HDMI slot, Ovi Maps, Dolby Digital Plus technology along with 16GB memory. The 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash is the eye-catching feature of the device which helps users capture stunning images and also shoot 720p HD video.

The Smartphone also features MP3 player, FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, social networking integration and three different home screens. N8 owners can also tune in to Web TV and get their dose of Paramount, CNN, E Entertainment, and National Geographic channels.

N8 is backed up by a great array of mobile apps thus making it all the more enviable. The free Ovi maps help N8 don the role of a GPS device across 70 countries.

Nokia’s N900 to sport Linux-based Meego OS
Oct 16th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Meego Nokia N900

Nokia N900 users have a reason to smile as they will get to load the Linux-based Open Source Meego 1.1 platform on their handsets pretty soon.

MeeGo is a fusion of Intel’s Moblin operating system for MIDs (mobile internet devices) and Nokia’s Maemo operating system for smartphones and MIDs custom made to suit the systems which use Intel’s low-powered Atom chipset. Given the fact that Nokia is facing chin music because of its antique Symbian OS Meego might help Nokia get itself out. Community developers have helped Nokia to prop up its N900 Smartphone to be amongst the first devices to get Meego.

Meego has got many updates including GCC compiler, battery loading meter, Kernel, and Fennec browser. The project spokesman noted that work is on to iron out some bugs to deck up Meego 1.1 for N900.

Work on Maemo, the other Linux based OS is also on and a release of 1.3 is on the cards as per the spokesperson. One can dual boot the Meego and the Maemo OS on N900 and that might mean a lot more flexibility for N900 users.

Being a hybrid device from Nokia, the N900 was touted as the Pint-sized Tablet or the Internet Device and gained a cult status to itself though it did not translate into commercial success. Linux based OS, and development on C, Java and other such languages resulted in a pretty active community for N900.

At last, 3 upgrades HTC Desire to Froyo
Oct 16th, 2010 by Andy Miles

3 Mobile Froyo

HTC Desire customers on 3 have finally made it to Android 2.2 (Froyo) with updates rolled out this week. Other networks viz., Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, and Orange have already upgraded their HTC Desire customers to Froyo.

With the Froyo update, the customers can experience improved performance, a faster browser along with better Android Market that includes a handy bug reporting feature. Adobe Flash player 10.1 is one of the important things in the Froyo which enables faster web browsing.

As reported by ZDNet UK, not many HTC Desire users on 3 Mobile were happy before the upgrade was rolled out as they were kept in the dark by the service provider about the expected dates in addition to the delay in upgrade.

HTC Desire has finally got an upgrade to Android 2.2 on all the networks. Google provided the update by July end and it is not a rosy picture that the service providers had to put in 2 months to test and upgrade the users. Users expect that the lessons learnt for Froyo will help the operators provide glitch-free Android upgrades in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S, the most popular Android-based handset from the Korean Electronics Conglomerate, Samsung is also geared up to taste the Froyo flavour of Google’s Android OS soon. The company plans to release the update on all the networks simultaneously and we need to keep our fingers crossed to see if the process is any better compared to HTC Desire.

Android 2.2 coming next week to Motorola Milestone
Oct 15th, 2010 by Andy Miles


Come next week, some of the Motorola Milestone users in UK will have a reason to celebrate as Motorola starts to roll out Android 2.2 (Froyo). Motorola made this announcement from its Facebook page that some of the European customers would get the updates next week.

Despite the fact that Froyo has been around for months, Motorola wants to run the upgrade through a trial by launching it on select users’ handsets before the proper update gets rolled out by 2010 end to all. This trial is intended to assess any pending work for optimisation of the upgrade before approval.

The user community left indifferent comments on the Facebook page and they seem to be unhappy as some of them expected the upgrade to reach them months ago. However, the fact is that there are very few handsets with Froyo in the market like the Google N1 and the HTC Desire.

Back in August, Motorola had to resort to send out letters to websites which offered Froyo download for its handsets to stay away from the activity. We can only keep our fingers crossed and wait for things to go positive.

Nokia C5-03 Touch Screen mobile launched
Oct 14th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia_Medium Nokia C5 03

Nokia launched the Nokia C5-03 Touch Screen mobile which is not to be confused with the Nokia C5 launched in July. With a 3.2-inch resistive LCD TouchScreen, a 4x zoom 5 megapixel camera sans flash, and in-built 40MB memory which can be expanded to 16GB using MicroSD cards the Symbian^1 powered Nokia C5-03 packs quite a punch. The camera in the handset can also be used to capture videos at 15 frames per second in 640×480 resolution.

The handset has support for recognition of hand-writing apart from a full QWERTY keyboard to help you type all that you want in a jiffy. With W-Fi connectivity and a pre-installed GPS function with the Ovi Maps latest version, the handset is quite helpful. Powered by a 600MHz ARM 11 processor, 256MB ROM and 128MB SDRAM there should be enough power to run the Symbian^1 OS.

Measuring 105.8 mm x 51.0 mm x 13.8 mm with 93g as weight, the mobile phone is similar to the upcoming C6-01 and visibly smaller than NokiaC7 and N8 as per a blog on Nokia Conversations. Ovi-Music and the Ovi-Store are accessible from the handset apart from support for mail set-up for any webmail or POP3 provider thanks to Nokia messaging.

The Nokia C5-03 will get launched to the world for 170 EURO by 2010 end.

LG Optimus 7 Smartphone details leaked
Oct 12th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Optimus 7 Windows7

In the enthusiasm surrounded by the Windows Phone 7 based Smartphones, LG accidentally leaked details about its Optimus 7 Smartphone which is powered by Microsoft’s flagship Operating System, the Windows Phone 7.

LG which made the details available on its blog was quick to take them off later. LG Optimus 7 handset would feature a 5MegaPixel camera which can handle HD Video recording, and a 3.8-inch WVGA display. Apart from HD recording the camera is equipped to shoot full 360 degree panoramic images.

The Optimus 7 is powered by a 1GHz processor, 16 GB in-built memory, light and proximity sensors, GPS and an accelerometer. Some pre-loaded LG apps such as Play to DNLA streaming, augmented reality, and voice to text are also available on the Smartphone. The hardware seems standard and it is the Operating System that will actually decide the fate of the Smartphone.

The Windows Phone 7 platform is classified as 6 hubs viz., People, Games, Music+Video, Pictures, Office, and Marketplace as per LG. The Optimus 7 is also expected to sport 3G and Wi-Fi. The handset is expected to be up for grabs this 21st though the pricing details are undisclosed yet.

INQ Mobile developing a Spotify-branded phone?
Oct 12th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

INQ Logo Spotify

UK based mobile phone maker, INQ Mobile is reportedly working on developing Spotify-branded phones. Business Week quoted INQ Mobile chief executive about the company’s intentions to integrate Spotify into its future phones.

mobile maker has also been in news for of late because of news that it is making a mobile phone with Facebook branding slated for a first half 2011 launch in Europe. Facebook denied the news about its branded phone in repeated attempts and INQ declined to comment on this news. INQ has been involved with Facebook earlier too and has sold handsets with Facebook features.

There were no official comments from Spotify which launched an app for Windows Phone 6 OS last week. The music streaming service has thus made dedicated mobile phone apps available for all major platforms viz., iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone platforms.

Spotify users can access the music library with six million songs at a subscription of £9.99 per month. The Windows version of the application allows Spotify customers access streaming music on the move using 3G or Wi-Fi. The users can shuffle, skip, pause, rewind, and fast-forward the music collection.

And while you do all this on Spotify in the background, you can multi-task by texting or making calls. To add to this, Spotify playlists can be played offline also when there is no internet connectivity. The app lets you sync music ‘one-the-fly’ which makes every selected track available right away on both your mobile and computer.

The Spotfiy app for Windows Mobile is being made available for users on Windows phone 6 in seven European countries viz., UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Finland, France and the Netherlands. The download is available directly from m.spotify.com or from the Windows Marketplace. Windows Phone 7 will get its own app for Spotify as per Microsoft.

UK based mobile phone maker, INQ Mobile is reportedly working on developing Spotify-branded phones. Business Week quoted INQ Mobile chief executive about the company’s intentions to integrate Spotify into its future phones.

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