16MP camera on HTC Windows 7 Phone?
April 20th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Logo

HTC might be working on a Windows 7 handset which features two LED flashes and a path-breaking 16MP camera.

PocketNow has posted a video which raises the above question. There is no information provided about the source of the ad or the name of the handset or its specs however. The handset looks similar to HTC Desire S along with some Windows 7 buttons pasted over it.

If this could turn out to be true, we will get to a 16 MP camera and that would beat the current record holder Altek A4 Leo which has a 14MP snapper. Moreover, if the handset helps you take pictures in a perfect fashion as claimed in the video, you can get away with the digital camera that occupies your pocket space.

As opined by most camera reviewers, it is not a tough thing to get more megapixels and it does not necessarily result in better pictures; however more megapixels would surely mean more noise if the sensor is too small.

LED flashes on the other hand might also not be the best way to throw light on dimly lit objects. There are hence other mobile phone makers trying to work more on other aspects than the megapixels. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc as an example comes with just 8.1 MP camera but the Exmore R CMOS sensor helps you take some breathtaking shots in dim light from a mobile phone.

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