A splash in the tablet market : iPad 2
March 4th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Apple iPad Home Screen

Apple iPad has been the market leader in terms of the market penetration that it achieved in the tablet computers space. And now Apple intends to repeat the success that iPad achieved as the technology giant is all set to unravel the iPad 2.

Come March 11, iPad 2 will hit the market though it seems to miss out some features that consumers hoped to see. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs quoted a few times during the launch of iPad 2 that competitors were unable to ship an actual rival to the Apple iPad. Even if we don’t run into a fact-finding mission on that claim, we still have an interesting situation to see how the tablet market gets affected after the arrival of iPad 2.

People have not adopted the tablet as much yet and the iPad 2 sounds an attractive option despite the fact that it has pretty much the same features which were being touted as the differentiators from Apple iPad viz., cameras, sizzling fast processors, and HDMI output.

Now that the Apple iPad gets all or most of what the competitors offered, it is quite a splash in the tablet market. And to add to the party, Apple slashed the price of the original to $350.

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