Android 3.1 update finally released for Xoom tablets in UK
August 11th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Motorola Xoom Android 3.1

The much awaited Android 3.1 update is finally available for Motorola Xoom tablet in the UK region. Motorola has now confirmed that it has released the Android 3.1 update for its UK Xoom users.

As such, the developer community who have been waiting for the newer version of OS since a long time finally gets relieved with this announcement from Motorola. However, Android 3.1 was made available for Xoom users in the US 3 months ago when it was debuted.

This Android 3.1 update includes a complete set of system performance upgrades and refinement such as placement, font changes and so on. The update will bring with it improved multitasking abilities, better widgets, more connectivity options to support keyboard and mouse along with an array of other enhanced features.

Users can also extend the storage capacity of the tablet up to 32GB using the micro SD card slot included in the device. Also included are Wi-Fi Lock and compatibility with joystick and game pads.

Earlier there was no wide range of support for USB devices. Thanks to the Android 3.1 update which allows you to connect anything from an Xbox 360 controller to an external hard drive with no obstacle at all. Simply saying, you can now use your Android 3.1 device as a USB host.

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