App Store gets Skyfire iPad App with Flash
December 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple iPad Home Screen Skyfire

The App store got Skyfire’s iPad app on Wednesday night and thus gets Flash enabled for its iPad. For just £4.99 the app that can be downloaded from the App store works as a web browser by converting flash content to HTML5 and then playing it in a separate window. And thanks to the iPad version and the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad, the window can be expanded to a full-screen mode.

There is a catch though as Flash games and apps are not supported and the support is only for Flash videos. The Skyfire has also got issues with some of the video based web sites and they are trying to get things working in a holistic sense.

Many of the recently added social components for Android by Skyfire have also been included with the iPad version of the app. Links to Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter are available in the menu bar at the bottom so that users can be connected to news, feeds, and followers from within the Skyfire app.

And then there is an option named Fireplace which pulls all the links shared by friends on Facebook so that you can open them up and watch videos in Skyfire. There is also a universal ‘Like’ button for you to like any page on the internet and thus show it up on Facebook.

Skyfire for iPad also includes a universal “Like” button, so you can like any page on the Internet and have it show up on Facebook.

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