Apple delaying in giving thumbs up to Google+ iPhone App
July 15th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


It is a known fact that the search giant Google has recently released Google+, its social networking website. With this release, Google is looking forward to make a revolution by knocking Facebook off its perch.

The search engine has already released an app for the Android operating system. A Google+ app has been developed by Google especially for the Apple iPhone. Google is now waiting for the green signal to be given by Apple. Apple will however take its own time to give Google+ app an entry into its AppStore.

Apple, which has a threat that the apps could not be up to the mark or could damage iOS gadgets takes much time for testing to accept or discard any app. However, some other reasons are being suspected by some Google employees for the delay being made in accepting Google+ iPhone app.

The iPhone application has been sent to Apple for verification and testing around two weeks back. It is being wondered as to why testing is taking such a long time.

A technician from Google revealed that the Google+ iPhone app was submitted around ten days ago to the App store and is waiting for approval.

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