Apple iOS 4.3.2 made available
April 17th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large iOS 4

The latest version of iOS in 4.3.2 is made available for download by Apple. Though it is a minor update, it has fixes for many bugs and security flaws in the flagship operating system. Going by the size of 600 MB plus, the update does not seem to be minor and a lot of issues might have got fixed.

Problems faced by both iPhone and iPad users have been fixed including a bug which led to blank screen or images frozen when they used Facetime in a video call.

The update fixes problems on both the iPhone and iPad which include a bug that occurred when using Facetime which led to a blank screen or a frozen image while in a video call.

Another issue where some international users had problem connecting to 3G networks has been fixed too. Other fixes in the update are related to security and it makes the gadgets all the more robust against hijack attempts.

We are not clear as to whether iOS 4 will get any new features; however iOS 5 is expected to come with new features and we can expect something on those lines in June at the Apple Developer Conference.

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