BlackBerry Bold 9900 NFC enabled payment device
May 14th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

BlackBerry too joined in the band wagon of NFC enabled Smartphones after Samsung going in big way with its Samsung Galaxy S II. Yes BlackBerry Bold 9900 is another NFC enabled Smartphone coming into UK market before to London 2012 Olympics.

With already players like Google with its Nexus S and Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S II in the market, what difference if BlackBerry Bold 9900 is going to bring? BlackBerry is definitely going to have edge when compared to its competitors, says the sources at RIM.

With obvious fact, which cannot be denied, BlackBerry is also throwing its hat into the ring to take maximum advantage of UK’s preparedness to support NFC enabled contact less payment systems. This is going to be another revolution in Mobile Commerce. But BlackBerry is has three colorful feathers in its cap, when compared to other competitors.

First is its capability to provide complete ease to users. Users of BlackBerry Bold 9900 no need to bother about setting up their Credit Card Accounts in their mobile devices. They can simply do the contact less payment, which will get billed to their phone bill. It is as simple as buying app over the phone.

Second feather is its long lasting battery life. BlackBerry is known for its battery life, which ensures that your phone is alive to do every kind of transaction at any time in the day. Users don’t need to run or recharging their phones every now and then.

Finally comes BlackBerry security through its encryption methods. Already proven security system will increase confidence of users in relying on BlackBerry technology in doing their payment transactions over their phone. It is as secured as any debit card or credit transaction.

All these put together will definitely keep, BlackBerry ahead of other competitors in NFC enabled devices market.

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