BlackBerry Playbook soon to be in UK
April 30th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

While there has been a lot of discussion around BlackBerry Playbook from quite a long time, still users in UK have not seen the gadget in their Market. There has been lot of hiccups on its way to market, hardware problems is one of them.

RIM has done a lot of research and preparations. It has gone to an extent of building all together a new operating system, based on QNX, for this super gadget. First striking feature of BlackBerry Playbook is its size. This gadget is much smaller than any of its kind, measuring 194X130X10mm, it can easily slide into pocket of your jacket. Unlike its other competitors like iPad, it easily fits in you palm and that is exactly how, BlackBerry wants it to be positioned.

Though much precise details are not available, BlackBerry Playbook is soon going to be launched in UK, while it has already been launched in US.

While it has most of all features, which are expected to be part of Tablet, Playbook comes with a unique feature called BlackBerry Bridge. This BlackBerry Bridge feature allows Playbook to sync up with all Exchange based application run on it. With all these features on the gadget, it is definitely going to be most awaited release in UK.

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