BlackBerry PlayBook to arrive in Q2 2011
November 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

RIM Logo PlayBook

RIM has now confirmed the expected dates for arrival of the BlackBerry PlayBook in United States as well as the UK. While the US could get the tablet in Q1 of 2011, the UK could get the tablet in mid-summer.

Many of RIM executives have confirmed the dates as per reports and the BlackBerry PlayBook will be priced at £499 or around £315.

The much-rumoured upcoming Blackberry tablet from Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerrys, Research in Motion (RIM) is said to be powered by the real-time OS, QNX rather than the BlackBerry OS 6 as per three separate sources close to RIM.

Bloomberg reports that BlackPad will be built using the embedded RTOS platform of QNS Software Systems, a company bought by RIM for $200 million from Harman International Industries in April 2010.

Coming to QNX, it is a microkernel-based OS supporting various platforms like ARM, X86, MIPS, PowerPC and shares common roots with Unix. By using QNX OS, RIM intends to differentiate itself from the iPad and keep the selling price as well as resource utilisation low.

A dual-core 1GHz processor and twin cameras front and back helps the iPad target more of business users. RIM which has already registered the Blackpad name acquired the domain name Blackpad.com.

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