Do Some Good iOS app from Orange
April 2nd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

orange Android smartphones Do Some Good

A free iOS app has been launched by the UK wireless carrier Orange which is aimed to serve the purpose of its users who would like to spend a bit of their spare time for charitable cause.

With this Do Some Good app, the users who want to do something good but don’t have much time can donate a fraction of their time in helping out various charitable causes.

Any action takes just five minutes for completion. One user can adopt 12 charitable causes like participating in a survey of a charity organisation, giving contribution by taking photos or mapping areas, sharing ideas with needy people and so on.

New app came out as a result of the survey of 1,311 Britons which proved that most users are interested in contributing some charitable deeds in their spare time. UK Prime Minister David Cameron who backed the app opines that it is a good way of bringing the volunteering energy in the UK.

It is also said that this is a fabulous opportunity in this world where everyone has little time and as such they can use the mobile technology for a good purpose. Any major change takes place gradually. As such, this volunteering activity is said to mobilise people so as to give the previously untapped time in order to change the volunteering face in the UK.

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