Finally NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy S II is out in UK
May 12th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy S II

After lot of fluctuation and news in market, Samsung has finally released Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC chip embedded in UK market.

Earlier Samsung has released two lots of Samsung Galaxy S II without the NFC chip embedded in it and there was back forth of news on release dates of NFC embedded Samsung Galaxy S II. If grapevine to be believed, this super Smartphone, which has created lot of excitement in the market about its capabilities through its revolutionary Near Field Communication feature. It will allow lot of transactions through its contact less Near Field Communication chip ranging from Contact less Payments to reading information emanating from other NFC enabled device. This feature is supposed to create revolution in commerce in UK during Olympics.

Sources at this Korean company have confirmed the availability of this super Smartphone by June this year and there was news doing around in market that there will be pricing review of Samsung Galaxy S II. The non-NFC version of the phone is already pegged at pretty premium price.

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