GingerBread aka Android 2.3 Code release
December 21st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Android 3.0 Gingerbread

Google never ceases to surprise…users, customers and competitors alike! The latest step that set Google apart is the code release of Android 2.3 / Gingerbread update. This paved way for new builds and custom ROMs. The best part of all this is the confirmation from Google that this update isn’t just for the big players (read smart phones) but also those ‘with extra large screens like tablets’.

According to the release by Google, this would allow OEMs to begin preparing Android 2.3 for installation on new and existing devices. Apart from this, enthusiasts, hobbyists and researchers would get a chance to come up with their own custom builds.

This has set the cats among the pigeons as the XDA Developers forum has already begun in the right earnest – to develop a custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S. However, as of now, this is just a port from the Google nexus S running on the similarly-specced handset rather than one based on the new code release.

Not everything is lost though! Developers around the world are just waking up to this code release and it won’t be long before the Android routers among us will have the next generation software on a current generation mobile. Mobile hub would keep you updated!

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