Google Inc unveils Google Maps 5.8 app update
July 29th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google Maps 5.8 update

Here comes a new feature to the Google Maps Android service in the form of 5.8 version update. Google made an announcement about the update on its official mobile blog.

The updated flavour which is free is aimed at adding functionality to Places and Latitude. Users are now allowed to upload a photo for any location as well as manage the recently viewed places or the starred ones.

Users can now know more about a place in a glance, thanks to My Places which offers descriptive terms. As such, now you can avoid the lengthy times of browsing the websites.

The last addition which the 5.8 update brings is the ‘on-the-go’ check-ins. This allows you to ‘Add place’ by just clicking it. After confirming your name and location, it gets added and then you will be automatically checked-in. Your new location will not appear on Google Maps and Google Places. However, other users can check-in from Latitude.

The most important addition is the London Underground tool. With this tool, you will be guided as to which is the best way to reach your destination. This service can be enjoyed by iOS, Android and BlackBerry handset users.

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