Google turns to tablets to take on Apple
April 9th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Google is trying to turn the tables on Apple iPad. And now is the turn of tablets. Only time will tell if and when Apple’s domination would fade

If ever there is a device that has garnered favor all over the world, it is Apple’s iPad! It is one device that has brought more headlines to Apple than what even Steve Jobs might have hoped for. iPad was successful in shaping the perceptions of the future of computing. Come next week, customers in UK would finally discover that Apple has got competition.

There have been tablets before but the proposed launch of Honeycomb – Google’s Android tablet operating system would be the first to rival the aura of iPad; an aura that is nothing short of “magical”. The OS is supposed to be lapped up by many manufacturers.

iPad scores because of its intuitive web browsing, video experience in an elegant design plus all those Apps that allow people to augment the features on their device. The whole experience is tightly controlled and is consistently user-friendly which is what makes iPad what it is.

Honeycomb which would be a late entrant to the party has yet to reach or even rival the Apple experience. To expect the OS to deliver on the lines of iPad would be too premature. There are manufacturers who are trying to offer extras – like Asus offering a rival version of MS Office. It is nowhere close to what a perfect solution would be; however, it’s helping them plug the gaps. A look at the new apps such as Pulse News and CNN would reveal that Android can deliver news in a more engaging manner.

It’s no hidden fact that Apple is the benchmark to uphold for Google. If tablets are the future of computing, then they are not quite ready yet. However, if you are looking for a brilliant mail experience and bright prospects then Apple has competition. Expect Google to turn the tables and expect us to put the news across for you!

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