February 3rd, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

With Google sending invitations to an Android event in which it promises to show off the release of Android 3.0, there seems to be something on the anvil. Android 3.0, Honeycomb, is Google’s tablet specific mobile operating system (OS)

This operating system from the stable of Google would see it offer an OS that is purposefully designed to work on tablet computers, much different from its smart phone versions.

The event, which according to reports, would occur at 9pm PST on Wednesday, 2 February will be streamed live through the Android Youtube video channel.

Apple has a firm grip on the tablet market as of now, despite the fact that firms like Samsung are trumpeting their sales of Android devices. The Google OS is growing in use, however, and an operating system planned exclusively for use on tablets will no doubt add to its advantage.

Google’s Youtube channel is already showing a sneak preview of the OS, which is already a rage on the net.

The video shows a nifty OS that, as expected, offers easy access to Google’s main apps and brands, including Gmail and chat along with Youtube itself and 3D Maps. It also shows its capabilities as a web browser and ebook reader and apps store access device.

The video just adds to the excitement of the new-bee entering this Wednesday.

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