HTC Backtracks to upgrade Desire with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
June 16th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

HTC Desire Android 3.0 Gingerbread

The Taiwanese mobile manufacturer which has earlier announced that its popular Desire smartphone would not be getting an Android 2.3 update has taken a significant u-turn and declared that it will be releasing Gingerbread update for the Desire smartphone.

HTC has taken this step post number of irate users who threatened that they will not be buying HTC products. HTC has posted on its Facebook page that contrary to what they said earlier, HTC Desire will be receiving Gingerbread upgrade.

HTC opined that it is tough for Desire to handle both Android 2.3 as well as its own proprietary Sense user interface at a go. However, Wildfire S was found to come with the latest OS inspite of sporting less powerful hardware.

It is still unknown if HTC will remove its Sense UI or will manage to cram both Android 2.3 and Sense UI onto the Desire smartphone. However, some users have been successful to install both Sense UI as well as Gingerbread on their Desire handsets.

Number of Desire users have been bound in 18 and 24 months contracts which will be expiring in the coming few months. After this, they will however be free to go ahead with HTC or give a try with some other Android device manufacturer.

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