HTC Partners with Beats Audio
August 11th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

HTC has entered into Beats Audio to enhance speaker capabilities of its range of Smartphones. Sources from both HTC and Beats Audio have confirmed news of this partnership.

HTC believe that Music industry is in state of transition and is moving from pocket music playing devices to phones. Phone devices with A+ audio capability is recipe for success in current trend. HTC had sensed this right trend and had entered into partnership with Beats Audio to enhance music playing capabilities of its range of Smartphones.

HTC believes that enhanced music capability due to this partnership with not only enhances the capability of headphones but it will enhance the holistic experience of Smartphone themselves. HTC is planning to enhance speaker system of Smartphone not just headphones of the Smartphone. HTC has made a strategic investment in this partnership, where it buys the Beats rather than licensing it. As per this partnership HTC has entered into a total ownership partnership with Beats but partnership is designed in such a way that others can also license Beats technology of course for other than Smartphone only. Sources from Beats also confirmed this Smartphone exclusive partnership with HTC.

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