HTC Sensation to offer HTC Sense 3.0
April 16th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

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A leak indicates that the HTC Sensation will sport the HTC Sense 3.0 software and this could actually be a great news to many of those who have purchased one or the other recent HTC SmarPhone in the market.

HTC Pyramid which is named as HTC Sensation in the UK is slated to be the first phone to sport HTC Sense 3.0 software when the Android powered SmartPhone will get launched exclusively through Vodfone this May and by other mobile operators sometime in June.

As per an article on AndroidPolice, it seems that hackers have already been able to crack the Sense 3.0 UI and that they have got ways to get some elements of that onto existing phones. All this has become possible because of the leak of a pre-release build of HTC Sensation software through a Chinese forum or a mirror.

Unlike Google Android, HTC Sense 3.0 is not open source software and hence it is not clear at the moment if the hackers will be porting all the features onto existing phones or not. The leak has provided insights about the UI of the upcoming HTC phones.

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