HTC Wildfire S soon going to be in UK
April 26th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


For ardent fans of HTC, there is going to be good news in form of HTC Wildfire S Smartphone. Few service providers have already made announcements about availability of the Smartphone.

HTC Wildfire S has been crafter with care keeping in mind Style conscious users in mind, which has all elements to define its style quotient, like allowing users to connect anytime from anywhere through features like WiFi capability, Bluetooth support and 3G connectivity. These networking capabilities allow users to stay connected over Facebook and internet.

This Smartphone is interfaced through 3.2 inches touchscreen with 320 X 480 resolution. The Smartphone enhances web browsing capability through its multi tab capabilities and also resize text automatically to support the screen and support multi touch capability, which provides ease for users to select the text intended and go ahead with edit operations, which also allows to copy the text to use it to search in Google, Wikipedia and YouTube.

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