iOS and Android get Nokia Maps
July 25th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Nokia Maps has now been made available to other platforms also by the Finnish mobile phone manufacturing giant. Nokia chose top mobile operating systems in iOS and Android to share its Nokia Maps to.

Handsets with Froyo and above and iOS 4 and above will now be able to get Nokia Maps service wherever they are.

All you need is an HTML5 compatible browser and you can zap through all of Nokia maps. There is no need to have Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity as you can get going with a plain simple GPRS connection. The Nokia Maps however is not an app yet; it is in its Beta version.

Nokia maps can be very useful to locate yourself, the exact coordinates, to know public transport options, to share your favourites to friends, to roam around new places, to find addresses, to get the fastest path for a destination etc. Reach maps.nokia.com and have all the fun.

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