iPhone 5 to hit the UK on November 21st ?
May 17th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


A phones4U employee seems to have informed T3 that the Apple iPhone 5 could hit UK on 21st November almost five months after it is expected to be showcased at Apple Worldwide Developer conference in San Francisco.

There was no more information disclosed however because of obvious reasons. A lot of unexpected events could be the reason for this. The natural disaster in Japan couple with the threat of a rising Android market might have had a say in Apple’s decision to delay the launch of iPhone 5 by a few months.

The competition may also take note of the delay and review their plans given the fact November is going to be the much awaited holiday season.

There are additional rumours that the handset could have a 4-inch edge to edge screen, A5 as well as the same dual core SoC as in Apple iPad2. The handset is also expected to sport better front and rear view cameras.

iTunes, MobileMe (voice recognition) could however turn out to be the most important things however from a services standpoint for iPhone 5.

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