iPhone code tools taken off by Adobe
April 23rd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Apple_logo_Large Adobe

Adobe will not make software tools which would allow the Apple iPhone to use Adobe’s Flash technology on Apple’s devices though it earlier promised support to Flash on gadgets.

Adobe Flash is widely used on the internet for animations, and multimedia. However Apple does not support Flash and has been critical of the technology in public.

Adobe released software called Creative Suite 5 which translated flash code into programs which can run on iPhone, in mid-April and shortly before that, Apple came up with a new set of terms and conditions that iPhone and iPad app makers need to adhere to.

Application developers across the board criticized Apple’s move and the new rules simply ban all such apps which use code translators like the Creative Suite 5 from Adobe.

Apple stated on CNet that the Adobe Flash technology was closed and proprietary and went on to say that it would prefer to support more open standards technology which can do all that Flash does.

Adobe will now be concentrating on Google’s Android OS to make sure that Flash technology works on it, as per official reports.

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