LG is building Google’s first Tablet device
March 30th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

LG has recently confirmed that it will be building LG’s first Tablet Device, which will be Android 3.0 powered Nexus Tablet.

LG will be third manufacturer with whom Google entered into manufacturing agreement, other two being HTC, who has manufactured Nexus One handset and Samsung, who has manufactured Nexus S handset for Google. But LG will be first manufacturer, through whom Google is manufacturing its first Tablet device.

Apart from announcement on plan to build its first ever tablet device through LG, there is no other formal news out in market. This will be first Tablet device that will be built on Android 3.0 version and should be ready with device by Mid Autumn. This new to be built tablet device is expected to be built on most advanced available technology. It will be equipped by dual core processor, HD Interface (which will be super Amoled), NFC, 1 GB of RAM, more than enough storage, dual cameras and if all goes as per plan it will be 3D enabled.

With its previous two releases Nexus One and Nexus S, not doing so great at market, not only Google, even its fans are also eagerly waiting with fingers crossed for Google’s first ever Tablet PC to be built.

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