Microsoft turns it on with Mango!
May 24th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft is sure doing everything it can to turn it around! With an eye on regaining the ground lost to Apple and Google, MS has offered an update into its Windows smart phone. The update, which goes by the code name of Mango, will offer 500 new features. These include IE9 as the browser.

More importantly, this would feature in the phones that Microsoft would be making with Nokia. These phones are expected to hit the market later this year.

Microsoft expects to increase its share in the smart phone segment with Mango, which integrates SMS, Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger.

Other significant features include a single inbox for all e-mail accounts and a deeper integration with the social networking sites with the augmentation of Twitter and LinkedIn to contact information.

One other feature is the integration of the apps directly into the core functionalities. This would mean that, apps would be more closely linked to the music, picture and video hubs on the phone. This would also mean that users would be able to catch real-time information from the apps without having to go through the process of opening them.

Mango represents an important phase for Microsoft. The challenge ahead for MS is to convince the market of its phones and their usability. It would be an uphill task but if the indications are anything to go, Microsoft is all set for it!

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