Motorola’s notebook-powering Atrix in UK through Orange
April 29th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Motorola Atrix

Orange UK has confirmed its plans to Launch Motorola Atrix in UK. Motorola Atrix is Motorola’s notebook-powering Android Smartphone, which enables to access the phone through larger screen, keyboard and multimedia kit on Notebooks through its accessory kit.

Atrix success also lies in its power of computing. It runs on 1 GHz dual core processor, which is augmented with 1 GB of Ram and supplemented with 16 GB of on board Flash Memory, which is extendable up to 32 GB in the form of Micro SD card. With all these powerful capabilities it is sleek in size, which can easily slide into jeans back pocket. Its networking and tri-band features enable it to work all around the globe. Though Motorola Atrix is currently built over Android 2.3, but Motorola is trying to upgrade it to Android 2.3 version (which is popularly called as Gingerbread) and is most current version of Android Mobile Operating system.

Its main Unique Selling Point, which keeps it apart from all other Android Smartphones in the market is its Accessory Kit, which allows it to dock into your laptop and allows you to interface the phone over the large screen, full fledged keyboard and multimedia kit of the laptop.

As per Orange sources, Motorola Atrix is going to be available in UK market in Q2.

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