Motorola Atrix in UK through T-Mobile
April 5th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Motorola Atrix

UK consumer has to wait few more months to see Motorola Atrix, which has already been launched in US. This new generation Smartphone is going to be available in UK through T-Mobile around June 2011.

T-Mobile website’s update has posted this super gadget, from Motorola, to be available soon. It is currently inviting interested customers to log on to their website to more about this Android gadget and soon going to open pre-order process. After T-Mobile few other network providers like Orange are also planning to announce their plans to launch the super Smartphone from Motorola.

Atrix has been released by Motorola with lots of technology hype around it and pinned lot of hopes that it will revamp its lost glory. Built on Android 2.2 version Mobile Operating system, this Smartphone supports Adobe’s flash, which allows its users to enjoy flash enabled software. It boasts of its 4-inch qHD (950X540) touch screen and its dual core processor, makes it to be one of the fastest of its generation.

It comes with a docking system, which allows it to connect to Laptop and to Television Set. This docking system allows users to dock it as Desk Dock or Laptop Dock or Multimedia Dock, with all these advanced options, Atrix functions like a computer.

None of these networks have in fact revealed any kind of information about its pricing.

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