Motorola MileStone 2 coming up on O2
November 13th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

motorola milestone O2

O2 is offering the successor to Motorola MileStone in various deals. O2 is offering the Milestone 2 starting from £20 per month while it offers the device for free for £30 per month contracts. Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodafone are also offering the handset in the UK and hence comparing them for the right choice should be a good thing.

The successor is named after sequel to the current one as Motorola Milestone 2, which will be launched in UK by Q4 of 2010 or to be more precise 17th of November.

Motorola Milestone 2 is an organic evolution of existing Milestone rather a revolutionary sequel. Basically, this is result out of elimination of certain fundamental design flaws in the first version, that’s been plaguing it. First of these flaws is beleaguered keyboard, which has been modified to be a pretty easy one to type. It also provides some additional space created by the removal of the directional pad.

Milestone 2 is faster than its predecessor and is equipped with 1 Ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor, which enables to run applications much faster and has memory which can be extended 8 GB. Milestone comes with preloaded Android 2.2, which is also known as Froyo.

The MotoBlur UI from Motorola so that all messages messages from Twitter, and Facebook merge into a common place on the home screen, thus making social networking very easy.

Motorola has launched other SmartPhones including the Motorola Defy, the BackFlip and Flipout models. Watch out for what you want.

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