Motorola Milestone 3 not going to be available in UK, instead Motorola Pro will hit UK
June 19th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Today it is a string of bad news for UK mobile phone lovers. After Sony Ericsson announcing about back out of its plans to launch Sony Ericsson W8 in UK, now it is Motorola.

As per unconfirmed news, Motorola is dropping its plans to release Motorola Milestone 3 in UK, but instead it is planning to release Motorola Pro in UK.

Original Motorola Milestone was a running hit in UK. Part of its success can be attributed to its multi touch touchscreen, its network connectivity and a very decent camera. Milestone 2 was not able to create a great mark in UK market, as it was not able to impress UK users with any path breaking features. Milestone 3 has created hype in market with its features, which were leaked last month and official look tutorials released. Definitely it will be disappointing news for UK mobile lovers.

To pacify UK mobile lovers from this bad news, Motorola has confirmed its plans to release Motorola Pro in UK. Pro also does have impressive features to lure users. It is built on Android Froyo (most latest version of Android) with Blackberry kind of look.

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