Motorola to run marketing campaign for Xoom, Atrix
May 12th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

motorola-logo Xoom, Atrix

Motorola Mobility is geared up to drive a massive marketing campaign in the UK so as to promote its Xoom tablet and the Android powered Atrix smartphone. By doing so, the company aims to make the customers understand about the unique offerings which both the innovative gadgets would offer.

A heavy budget of £10 million has been set by the company to run the campaign. The campaign is focused at showcasing the Atrix device as the most powerful smartphone in the world as well as making people understand that it is not just a smartphone but much more than that.

Also, the company is looking forward to come up with a series of Television adverts to popularize its Android 3.0 powered Xoom tablet PC device. Motorola is said to drive the marketing campaign across London’s tube stations including the Paddington train station.

One way of marketing the device is by offering shoulder massages to those who bear the weight of heavy laptops by demonstrating how the phone would reduce their burden of carrying heavy bag and also how it works.

The Xoom campaign is expected to start off in May itself. Ogilvy created the TV adverts for the Xoom tablet by taking inputs from Motorola. The Atrix campaign would however start in June and go on for a month.

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