Motorola Xoom at Sam’s Club could be just $539
March 4th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

motorola-logo Motorola Xoom

If leaked reports from retailer Sam’s club can be believed, the retailer could get Motorola Xoom and at a lower price than previously expected at $539.

Xoom, the tablet from Motorola got launched last week through Verizon; however its potential to kill iPad will get known only when the W-Fi only version gets released because that would be the cheapest tablet for those who want to try the device.

The Wi-Fi only Xoom which was earlier priced at $599 has got a $60 price cut if the news about Sam’s club is true.

Motorola Xoom has hardware that costs $359.92 compared to iPad’s $359.92 as per reports by iSuppli. It has a dual-core processor, and two cameras which make it all the more expensive.

A new advertisement from Motorola with the slogan “Grab it and it grabs you” has been released as if to counter the launch of iPad 2. The video advert with special effects seems unwarranted in comparision to Apple’s simpler adverts.

Verizon offers the cellular version of Xoom for $599 on a 24-month contract with 4G connectivity. Verizon has however got nothing to lose as it would carry both the devices.

As the Wi-Fi only Motorola tablet is set to go on sale in Europe this April, it might show up very soon at Sam’s club.

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