Motorola Xoom Tablet unveiled in CES 2011
January 12th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Motorola has unveiled its Tablet, Motorola Xoom Tablet, in CES 2011. This announcement is successful in creating expected excitement among the users. This is going to be first ever tablet, going to be built on Android 3.0, which is also called as Honeycomb. This is again going to be first ever tablet to be built on Operating System, which is exclusively designed for Tablet devices.

Lot of hopes are pinned on this release, as this will let the users feel a tablet built on Operating System, exclusively designed for Tablet devices. During the same event Motorola has hinted that gadget is going to be available at £720, which makes it attractive from budget wise also.

This gadget is interfaced through 10.1 inches touch screen, fitted with Nvidia Tegra 2 Processor, which makes it really fastest gadget available in the market. This 3G enabled tablet is also WiFi enabled, which allows users to stay connected from anywhere anytime.

To make this gadget even more attractive, Motorola is presenting this gadget along with most attractive a package of accessories. Package of accessories include, speakers to dock the gadget, wireless keyboard and attractive case.

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