New releases from New Motorola Mobility Holdings
December 22nd, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Motorola Defy

US Mobile manufacturer Motorola has planned a flurry of new releases in this New Year as part of their marketing efforts across UK to push its new formed mobile entity brand Motorola Mobility Holdings. This series of launches is part of its branding strategy to increase visibility of its new division in the corporate.

Motorola now has two logical divisions. Division is basically to carve out its Mobile phone business out of its rest of all businesses. This new Mobile phone business offshoot will be operating under the name of Motorola Mobility Holdings and as per expectation will be holding the current Motorola’s M logo. Other operations will continue to be working with current brand name only. Retention of current logo with Motorola Mobility Holdings to retain the current image and in fact to improve the sales of Motorola Defy, which is already feeling pinch of competition from its rivals like Nokia and other European competitors.

Television commercials showing the new brand has already on air. This phone is positioned to be much rugged kind of image and ideally suit people who use phone extensively on go and day to day activities. Motorola, which has started its mobile phone operations in 1983 has become market leaders with release of its Razr series, but later lost its leader status to other manufacturers. This new releases are expected to bring back lost glory to this US manufacturer.

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