Nexus S made early appearance on Carphone Warehouse Website
December 15th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Google Nexus S

Nexus S has made much early appearance than expected on Carphone Warehouse expected. Recently tariffs of this much awaited handset was announced and release date was not known at that time and to give a surprise touch in the form of Christmas deals, Carphone Warehouse has started take pre-orders and expects them to be shipped by Christmas time.

The handset, which is built by Samsung and based on Google concept, is much awaited Android based smartphone. It is built on the latest version of Android mobile operating system, also called as Gingerbread. It is scheduled to be released in UK on 20th December, but made an early surprising appearance on Carphone Warehouse website much earlier than that date.

Unlike its predecessor (Nexus One), Nexus S is sold through third party networks. Its earlier version Nexus One was sold through Google’s online channel, which was proven to be a costly mistake it has done. Lack of reliable after sales support through online channel was the main channel for the failure. With the lessons learnt Google has decided to go through third party networks.

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