No more free music downloads from Nokia in UK
January 18th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

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As per news in the Market, Nokia has set all its cards ready to terminate its most popular plan, which allows its users to download music for free, across UK along with 26 other countries on the globe.

For many years now, Nokia has allowed its Mobile Phone users to download music with no limit for free through its Ovi Stores. This plan has not only increased sales of its musicexpress series of mobile handsets, it has also increased the popularity of its online Ovid Stores. As per the current plan, Nokia will discontinue this plan by the end of this year. This plan will be terminated across all countries except six countries.

Across South Africa, Brazil and Turkey countries, Nokia has made this service available with six month subscription plans. In countries like Indonesia, China and India, this will be available on 12 month subscription plans.

While a section of market analysts, foresee reduction in popularity of Ovi Stores with termination of this plan, Nokia sources are confident that will not happen, while they were actively looking out for more options through vendors and partners to offer other forms of music downloads.

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