No Sense for older HTC Handsets!
April 14th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


According to a tweet from the company, HTC has confirmed that Sense 3.0 won’t be available on older devices.

HTC has confirmed, albeit through a tweet, that Sense 3.0 would not be available on older HTC devices. This is a huge blow since Sense 3.0 is the updated version of the Sense UI that is omnipresent on all HTC Android phones.

The news isn’t a big shock or a surprise since the company didn’t seem overly positive about the port being possible. This was out for every to see, as late as last week, during the launch of HTC Sensation.

However, what adds fuel to fire is the fact that this message was conveyed not through any official statement but through a tweet.

The tweet goes, “Due to Sense’s hardware requirements, only our newest devices (Flyer, Evo 3D, Sensation) will be able to support it.”

This would mean that if you’ve just picked up an HTC Desire S or HTC Incredible S, you missed the bus! Because, even before you started getting used to it, it’s already out of date!

Not everything is lost though! There still is a minute chance that these handsets may get some elements of Sense 3.0. It remains to be seen if these elements include 3D overlay for home screens, the new lock display or the new visual widgets. Stay tuned to our updates!

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