Nokia’s first launch in New Year – Nokia E7
January 6th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Nokia E7 is going to be first handset from Nokia, which is going to be first UK launch in New Year. Last updates during ending of 2010 have confirmed the launch date in US to be mid of January 2011, but there was no news regarding it launch in UK. Current news confirms its availability in UK by February and few retailers already started taking Pre Order bookings.

UK retailers have started listing Nokia E7, latest Nokia’s Smartphone based on Symbian^3 mobile operating system, on their websites and in fact started taking per order bookings with February 1st as expected shipping date.

Launch of this business oriented Symbian based handset has been delayed many times till now, similar to launch of many of the Symbian based handsets. This Handset is a real mobile office with mail Exchange facility providing almost real time email access. The handset is powered with office applications to view and edit office documents and pdf viewing capability and access to faster intranet access within built in VPN.

With all these powerful office supporting features, this has been most awaited launch in this New Year and especially SMB users.

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