Nokia filed legal suits against Apple in UK, Germany and Netherlands
December 20th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

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Today Nokia has announced that it has filed legal suits across European regions including UK against Apple, alleging that later has infringed its patents in Apple’s products which are sold in these countries. This adds count of legal suites filed by Nokia against Apple by 13 to current 24, which are already being heard in various courts.

As per sources from Nokia certain inventions related to user experiences like wiping on touch screen to navigate content or using an app store on device for providing access to constantly changing services and upgrades, are patent protected and sources also confirmed that these patents were filed almost a decade before launch of iPhone. Nokia sources feel that these are clear infringement of their intellectual property rights.

In UK alone Nokia has filed four new legal suites relating to touch user based interface, Modular Structures, signal noise suppression and on-device based app stores. Other countries where Nokia has filed legal suits are Germany and Netherlands. Apart from Nokia, Apple is already facing Patent Infringement allegations from other mobile manufacturers like Motorola. Motorola also has already filed legal suits against Apple.

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