Nokia X7 on pre-order in the UK, shipping by June
June 6th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Nokia X7, E6

Who said Symbian is dead? But on the other side of the coin, where do we see it alive? I don’t want to debate too much on this but here comes Nokia X7, another Smartphone powered by Symbian. There are only two such Symbian Anna powered Smartphones E6 being the other one which are coming up.

Nokia seems to have many devices under the hood and the launches are happening now and then. It is just that not too many Symbian handsets are being released these days.

Nokia’s online store in the UK has put the X7 on pre-order with promised shipping before end of June. We can however not expect Nokia to deliver it before June 30 if it keeps up with its history though.

However, place an order now and you can be one of the proud owners to lay your hands on the first Smartphone powered by Symbian Anna within one month.

The Smartphone is built over 680 MHz processor based on updated version of Symbian (which is popularly known as Anna). Interfaced through a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen, the Smartphone is equipped with 8 mega pixel Camera with dual LED flash, which can capture HD Video of 720p quality. It has all networking features expected out of a Smartphone like WiFi, GPS and 3G. The updated version of Symbian OS comes with a portrait QWERTY keypad, updated OVi Maps, better interface and some updated Social media integrations.

The X7 Sim-Free is priced at £399 by Nokia and whether it is worth it or not is a personal choice. If you intend to pick it on PayG, it will burn a £369 hole in your wallet. There are an array of operators who will provide it for £25 per month wherein the handset will come for free.

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