Nokia’s first 1 Ghz model
August 1st, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


The Finnish mobile giant Nokia has unveiled its foray into the 1 GHz mobile handsets with Nokia 500. The handset powered by Symbian Anna is touted to lift Nokia.

The handset features a 3.2 inch nHD capacitive touch screen and a resolution of 640 X 360p. The handset which comes equipped with 2 GB internal storage and a 1 GHz processor comes up at just 14.1 mm thickness. This processor is the fastest that any handset from Nokia has ever been part of!

Touted to be focused at the entry-level smart phone market, the Nokia 500 handset has been priced at a pre-tax €150 (£130) price tag. The release date of the model has not been announced yet but it has been earmarked for an August or September UK release date.

The latest offerings from Nokia may have sparked a debate as to whether the manufacturer is planning to move away from the Symbian OS. The recently unveiled Nokia N9 is powered by MeeGo and the company’s first Windows Phone 7 handset may have stepped up the doubters. However, the unveiling of 500 shows that the Symbian OS hasn’t yet left the stable of Nokia.

Will 500 be the saving grace for the Symbian? Will there be a change in the fortunes of Nokia? Tweet your views and stay tuned to know more!

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