O2 has Sony Ericsson Mix on coming soon page
July 25th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

O2 Logo Sony Ericsson Logo

Welcome to the world of Walkman. Sony Ericsson Mix is a 3G Walkman phone with all the new features plus the “Zappin” key. O2 has already put the Sony Ericsson Mix on its coming soon page.

The SE Mix handset which got launched around when the SE Txt Pro was launched has an interesting set of features.

The Zappin key is the first in line which lets you listen to just the chorus of the song while you are searching for a song. Pressing the key again plays the actual song.

GraceNote’s TrackID is yet another feature which lets you identify a music track by recording just a small bit of it. The details of the song get displayed in a whiff.

To top these all, the SE Mix handset has Karaoke so that you can sing in your own voice while the lyrics get displayed to you. This is like having a Karaoke machine in your pocket which lowers the actual vocals’ volume to a pre-set limit.

Google Talk, Twitter, Wi-Fi, Touch UI, Facebook, FM Radio, a 3.2 MP camera and a 3’’ touchscreen are some other important things which make the Sony Ericsson a nice handset. Pricing or dates have not been disclosed for this handset which is due in Q3.

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