Orange and Barclaycard launch Quick Tap service in UK
May 21st, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Quick tap service

Orange and Barclaycard have entered into an NFC based mobile payments joint venture by launching Quick Tap service in UK yesterday. With this technology, users will be allowed to make their payments via their mobile phones.

Using this NFC technology which is focussed at revolutionizing the mobile payments market, the Smartphones will turn into virtual wallets. This service will allow users to make purchases up to £15 as well as have purchase records and the amount that can be spent further.

However, only Smartphone users can enjoy this service for the time being. Samsung’s new Tocco is the first to use Barclaycard and Orange’s ‘Quick Tap’ service. Using this service Barclay’s, Orange customers and Barclaycard cardholders can transfer up to £100 to their mobile account.

The Quick Tap service runs on a SIM based approach and also assures security of payment done by the users. Users can also protect their money in case of theft of their handset by contacting Orange which will shut down the service for the device.

Near field communication technology is used for communication on Quick Tap that allows data exchange over the distance of up to 4 cm. As such, using the Quick Tap technology users can pay for day to day items by just tapping their Smartphone at any contactless payment symbol.

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