Samsung’s answer to iPad available on Vodafone
November 25th, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Vodafone has confirmed availability of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s answer to Apple iPad, is available on its stock across UK.

Galaxy Tab, an Android 2.2 mobile operating system based gadget, is perfect light weight alternative to Apple’s iPad. While 10 inches Apple iPad is bit bulky to fit into your hand, 7 inches light weighted Galaxy tab perfectly fits into your palm. Galaxy tab supports streaming videos over web along with pre-installed Google widgets and Adobe flash 10.1.

Another unique feature being, Samsung’s Galaxy tab is phone indeed, allows making calls and text SMS messages, while Apple’s iPad lacks this feature. It also has front facing camera, to allow video calling. It is just not a tablet, it’s a tablet with phone features like 5 megapixel camera, WiFi connectivity, 3G and comes with up to 32 GB of storage.

Vodafone is making it even more lucrative by offering at really very lucrative price offer. It is available at £25.00 per month over contract with one-time payment £239.99. Deal is also wrapped along with 100 free text messages, 500 MB of Data and 500 minutes of talk time. It is also available with other operators like T-Mobile and Orange with prices pegged slightly higer level compared to Vodafone.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab

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