Samsung Galaxy S has been awarded best Smartphone of 2010
December 21st, 2010 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s most successful Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S has been selected as best Smartphone of 2010 by awards announced by FoneHome mobile awards.

This title has been awarded through a voting survey conducted by FoneHome, the mothership of UK mobile. It has received twice the number of votes as the Smartphone in second place HTC Desire HD has received.

Samsung Galaxy’s most attractive features have made it reach this place in the survey. Its 4 inch super AMOLED screen, which gives it a most gorgeous look and super good touch sensitivity, is the first and most evident appealing feature. Its flash support to enhance its media skills makes it to play virtually everything it has downloaded. It is one among the rarest breeds to support flash over handsets.

Samsung’s monoblock touch screen phone is very light and thin, which makes it body a really appealing structure. It is 9.9 mm thin, which can slip into tightest pockets. Keeping its thinness, its 4 inch screen makes it look broader and taller among its comparables. You name the feature and will not miss it on Samsung Galaxy S and in fact will have the best of that feature on it. with all these best of features, no doubt the handset has been awarded the best Smartphone of the year.

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