Samsung Galaxy S II started shipping – Limited Volumes
May 8th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung has started shipping its most awaited Smartphone of the year, Samsung Galaxy S II, but with tag. Tag being currently the Smartphone is shipped in limited volumes only and Smartphones in this lot are missing NFC support.

Samsung has started shipping some 600 units of Smartphone this year across Europe including UK. Smartphone is going to be shipped to those few customers, who have already placed orders over electronic media, but this lot of phones will not be equipped with NFC chips, as expected. That means users of these Smartphones will not be able to do Contact Less payment transactions. Not only Contact Less Payment, but also a lot of other NFC enabled features.  Samsung Galaxy S II phones in this lot are going to be available at £ 519.99 across UK.

Samsung is planning to release another lot of 1000 Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphones by next week across Europe, but there is no news on whether Smartphones in this lot will be equipped with NFC chips or not.

Samsung Galaxy S II which has been unveiled during World Mobile Congress during last February has already created news around market for its features and specifically because of its Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. Which allows Smartphone to communicate to with other NFC enabled devices contact less. This feature gives a lot of powerful features to mobile and making it to be one of the most awaited release in this year.

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