Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in UK without NFC feature
May 1st, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Samsung Galaxy S2

There is lot of news around about Samsung Galaxy S II in market already. This gadget is built on latest Android version available in the market, Android 2.3 (which is popularly known as Froyo) and also supposed to have NFC (Near Field Communication) chip embedded into it.

Near Field Communication (NFC) chip adopts embedded flash memory, which enables next generation Smartphones upgrade the software or firmware. NFC high frequency wireless communication technology, which operates in a short range and within which it allows communication between two NFC enabled devices without any contact. It allows two NFC enabled devices to collect and transmit data without any kind of contact. There can be many kinds of applications enabled by NFC, it can be used for contact less payments in places like Buses, tolls and mobile payments etc. It can also read information from devices like RFID to act as on the spot information reader from all kinds of compatible devices.

As per the news, this NFC feature may not be available for UK version of Samsung Galaxy S II, while versions in other countries supports this new feature.

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