Samsung Omnia 7 – Most popular with UK Network Providers
January 4th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda


Banking on Samsung’s credibility and to cash the popularity of most recent launch of Samsung, Samsung Omnia 7, almost all the network providers in UK has come up with very popular and attractive plans. Most lucrative among these plans is of T-Mobile. T-Mobile has come up with a monthly rental contract, where in user can get 300 free text messages, 300 minutes of free talk time and 1 GB of data at £69.99. Another contract from the same provider is a free handset along with one month free line rentals at cost of £25.00 per month.

Samsung Omnia 7 is living up to the expectations of the users from Korean handset manufacturer. Samsung has increasingly trying to come up with new applications and working on handsets based on variety of Mobile Operating Systems. This feature is typical to Samsung, while most of other manufacturers build their handsets on single operating systems, Samsung trying to manufacture handsets based on multiple operating systems like Android, Window Mobile Operating System and Samsung’s own operating system, called Bada Operating System. This is a perfect example of diversity of investment.

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