Security patch for Android rolled out by Google
May 19th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Google_LOGO Android 2.2

99 percent of Android users were affected by a security hole in Android and Google is rolling out a fix. It was German security experts who pointed to the gap through which a hacker could access Google calendar and contacts.

Researchers at the Ulm University earlier reported that these apps provided unencrypted information to get an authentication token from Google and this token could be stolen via WiFi snooping.

Anyone who can get such an authtoken can use it for several days and misuse your private information. Though this issue was fixed in Android 2.3.4 most of the users continue to use 2.3.3 and below versions and thus they were all at risk.

Google is thankfully updating all such handsets silently with a patch on server side making it a hassle-free affair for all the Android users. Servers will now be forced to use encrypted connections when communicating with a handset.

Despite analysts’ fears over the vulnerability, we hope that Google’s actions will lead to a safer world for all Android users.

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