Sony Ericsson Walkman W8, not going to be available in UK
June 19th, 2011 by Dipak Sarda

Sony Ericsson W8

There was a lot of hype around release of Sony Ericsson Walkman. Music fanatics and fans of Sony Ericsson’s music capability are very excited to see brand new music oriented Smartphone from Sony Ericsson, whose walkman was a milestone in music devices industry. Sony Ericsson has a bad news to all these fans in UK.

Yes Sony Ericsson has decided to back out the plans of launching Sony Ericsson Walkman W8 from UK market.

Sony Ericsson is going ahead with its plans to go ahead with launch of super music Smartphone across Asia Pacific in China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Previous Walkman series phones were successful across Asia Pac countries and anticipating success with this strong Brand Name, Sony Ericsson sources confirmed that they are going ahead with plans to launch this Music Smartphone across Asia Pac, while backing out plans to launch it in UK.

Smartphone fans has nothing much to lose with this back out plan, as Sony Ericsson Walkman W8 features were not so impressive. Its screen resolution is pretty low with 3.2 mega pixel camera (which is not so impressive, as now a days phones are available with 8 megapixel cameras).

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